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Medicine Grizzly Bear

Medicine Grizzly Bear

Medicine Grizzly Bear, also known as Bobby Lake-Thom is a traditional Native Healer from northwestern California. He is half Karuk, part Seneca, Cherokee, and (part Anglo) and is documented and recognized on the BIA records. Bobby has conducted hundreds of ceremonies and lectures.

He is the author of Native Healer (Quest Books, 1992) Spirits of the Earth (Plume/Penguin, 1998) and Call of the Great Spirit (Bear & Company, 2001).  He was a professor of Native American Studies for over 20 years teaching at Humboldt State University, Gonzaga University, and Eastern Montana College. He has served as a consultant for Indian reservation programs, tribes, organizations, and federal/state agencies for over twenty five years in the areas of Indian health, education, social services, natural resources, religion, BIA 638 Programs and contracts, and related grant writing and development.

For more information about Bobby Lake-Thom, please visit his website, Native Healer.


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