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Tat Mario Simon Ovalle Chavez

Tat Mario Simon Ovalle Chavez

Tat Mario Ovalle Chavez
Kiché Maya, Ajq'ij (Staff of Light, Daykeeper and Spiritual Leader)

Tat Mario is Kiché Maya from the Aldea El Novillero, Santa Lucia Utatlan, Sololá.  His Mayan name is Tojil, and he is an Ajq'ojom (plays the sacred songs of the marimba) and an Ajpixa'b (Counselor). He also has dedicated himself to being an artist and Mayan painter. He is works alongside his wife, Nan Amalia Tun Chinico in the Mayan tradition of partnership between Male and Female. Tat Mario has also lived in the United States.

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