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George "Grey Eagle" Bertelstein

George "Grey Eagle" Bertelstein

George "Grey Eagle" Bertelstein is a Counselor, Spiritual Leader and Founder

of Medicine Path Native American Church (NAC) in Berekley, CA. He has

offered counsel, spiritual and otherwise, for over 20 years to thousands of

individuals, couples, and families.


Medicine Path NAC offers sacred ceremonies on a regular and ongoing

basis to all who come in a good way. The ceremonies unite the medicine of

North America (The Eagle) and South America (The Condor), to create the

Hummingbird Medicine ~ The Medicine of pure joy and limitless happiness.

The teachings of Medicine Path are non-oppositional and embody universal

principles of love, patience, tolerance and personal responsibility to foster

healing among ALL OUR RELATIONS and help to mend the Sacred Hoop.


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