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Tat Gilberto Guarcax González

Tat Gilberto Guarcax González

Tat Gilberto is a representative of Grupo Sotz’il

Based in Sololá, Guatemala, Grupo Sotz’il was founded by Lisandro Guarcax González and other young Mayan Kaqchikel artists that were born during a generation surrounded by war, genocide and a resurging Maya social and political movement. Members turned to Mayan elders to learn with a goal of revaluing the ancient Mayan rhythmic arts (music, dance, theatre) creating performances that reflect a holistic blend of these arts and a spirituality that draws from, and responds to, living tradition.

Before Lisandro’s death on August 15, 2010 when he was kidnapped, tortured and killed, Sotz’il had delivered over 500 presentations within communities of Guatemala, as well as in Honduras, El Salvador, México, Venezuela, France, and Norway. After his death, the group, of which the majority of its members are cousins from the same family as Lisandro, recommitted to continue the work and legacy of its Founder. Thousands of people within Guatemala and around the world show their support and honor Lisandro as an example of someone fighting for the right to cultural identity as an important part of human development and total respect to Mother Nature and multiculturalism.

In their newest theatrical-dance performance, “Oxlajuj B’aktun,” Grupo Sotz’il engages with mythical prophecy, cultural tradition, and contemporary reality to explore the significance of the thirteenth 400-year cycle of the Maya calendar, which simultaneously closes a five-millennium epoch of civilization and inaugurates a new era of history. Their depiction encompasses both the recurring cataclysms and continual renewal of human experience. 

Tat Gilberto is in charge of the coordination of Grupo Sotz'il as well as being an involved member as a musician and dancer.  He has spent the past ten years investigating and recreating ancient Mayan art.

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