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Natem Anank

Natem Anank

Natem Anank was born in 1947 to the Shuar of the Sacred Waterfalls, deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon. He is an Uwishin (traditional healer) guided by Arutam and the wisdom of his ancestors. Natem’s mission in life is: to help people, to preserve the Shuar culture, and to protect the beautiful rainforest the Shuar have called home for thousands of years. Many years ago he traveled to the United Stateswith a group of musicians called “Grupo Chaarip” who performed at a variety of international events. Their hope was to generate interest in Shuar culture, philosophy and mythology while raising awareness about over-consumption and the consequential contamination of the rainforest.

Currently living in the Pacific Northwest, Natem can often be found speaking to students of all ages and participating in conferences in theUnited Statesand abroad. He speaks about a wide range of topics from the diversity of animals in the jungle to Indigenous Permaculture or the healing properties of plants. You may also find him singing, performing traditional Shuar dances, or teaching people to meditate. When discussing the Shuar cosmovision and the wonders of the rainforest, Natem hopes to inspire interest in protecting such a magical place. He continues to be an active member of the Shuar community and works closely with his sons toward the goal of creating a Shuar owned ethno-biological preserve in the Kutukú and Shaimi Forest Reserve.

Natem desires a world of equality and without greed; where plants purify the air and crystalline springs satiate the thirst of the universe. Sharing the natural world in a place of unlimited happiness where dreams become reality. Flying above obstacles and discovering a limitless horizon. Here, in the four winds, you will hear the vibrant voice of the sacred plant NATEM saying… PEACE, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING & RESPECT.

www.Nunkui-Shuar.org [in English]
www.AmigosAmazonia.org [enEspañol]

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