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Oshun DeBellay

Oshun DeBellay

Oshun DuBellay has been helping people achieve their dreams for many years.  She is a ceremonial facilitator, spiritual counselor and healer bringing over 25 years of experience.  She has integrated the teachings of a number of holistic, shamanic and esoteric healing practices in order to provide a comprehensive service that promotes well-being throughout the human energy fields. As a priestess of the Holy Order of Magdalene, and through years of personal healing and practice and teaching, a priestess of Womb Wisdom, she is fully dedicated to the global conscious re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine Principle and actively participates in bringing a renewed awareness of this powerful legacy. She is a full mesa carrier in the shamanic healing practices of the Q'uero Indians of Peru. She uses this approach to wholeness for powerful life-changing conditions of the mind, body and the day-to-day circumstances of the individual.     

Oshun is the director of the Temenos Center for Wholeness in Ojai, California.  She divides her time between her healing practice in Ojai and the South of France where she organizes group pilgrimages to sacred sites.    

For more information about Oshun and the Temenos Center for Wholeness, please visit: www.oshundubellay.com



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