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Grandfather Whitewolf

Grandfather Whitewolf

Grandfather Whitewolf’s approach to life and learning is to share from an Open Heart an Open Mind and a Willingness to look at ways of doing things differently.  Together with his wife, Alicia, they share healing and ceremony with love, humor, compassion, understanding and forgiveness, to help us reclaim the 'native wisdom' that they believe lies within each of us.


Grandfather Whitewolf is a Singing Healer, Folk Healer, Practitioner of Plant Spirit Medicine, Pipe Carrier, Fire Keeper, Leader of the Community Sweat Lodge and the Men’s' Sweat Lodge, Teacher and  Spiritual Guide, who blends Celtic and Native American practices with respect, understanding, gentleness and wisdom.


He has had the honor to learn and share with elders and teachers of the four directions throughout his life, and founded Natural Pathways dedicated to Healing, Traditional Learning and Complementary Medicine.


His mother's ancestors came from Kerry Vale in Central Wales.  His Welsh Tribe was known as the 'Cornovii, and the Welsh are reknown as the 'Singing People'.  His traditional title in Welsh is 'Dyn Hybss', meaning 'Wise man and Magician'.  His father's Irish/German ancestors healed themselves thru sweating, faith healing, herbal medicine and bone-setting.  And his father's people have for generations had friendship ties with Native Americans.


Grandfather Whitewolf was born in 1941 in Chicago, Illinois.  And as a youth, in scouting, he developed his love of nature thru the gentle guidance of his father, Chief Anawabe (adopted Chippewa).  In 1977, he was initiated as a priest of the Sun in the Church of Tzaddi by Mello Rye (Cherokee, Bear Clan and Irish Dragon Clan), from whom he received ancient teachings of the Celtic Christmas Ceremony...a ceremony of alignment with the energies of the Sun and the Moon.  In 1981 he received his name Whitewolf, in a family ceremony by the Clan Mother of the Island Band of the Chumash.  From 1981 to 1986 he learned with his Lakota teacher and spiritual guide at Pyramid Lake, Nevada, undergoing traditional initiations and ceremonies.   In 2011 he was adopted into the Metis Bear Clan of Medicine Creek (Laytonville).  In 2012 he became the carrier of the Skara Brae, the ancient goddess of the Celtic Sweat Lodge.


In college Whitewolf was an activist for Peace and Civil Rights.  In August, 1964 he became the first Conscientious Objector to the Vietnam War, for which he was imprisoned for 18 months by the federal government.  In 1977 he received a Full Pardon from President Carter.


Whitewolf is also a Veteran of 50 years as an activist and supporter of Native Rights.  And for 40 years he has been a supporter of traditional native ceremonies and gatherings including: the Sun Dances at Walker Lake in 1985 and at Pyramid Lake in 1986, the International Sun Dance in Hawaii in 2008 and the Eagle Dance of the Quero Apache (their last one of the 4th world) in Redwood Valley, California  in 2011.


His education includes a BA degree in Social Sciences from Shimer College 1971 and graduation from internationally recognized massage and polarity therapy (energy healing) training at Heartwood Inst. (Garberville, Ca) in 1992.  He is a Lifetime member of the American Polarity Assn., an International Assn. of eclectic healers.  He has been on the massage staff at Wilbur Hot Springs, a nature sanctuary and ancient healing site, for 16 years.  He has travelled and taught Energy Healing throughout the US, Ireland, Wales, and England


His wife, Alicia, is a Leader of the Dances of Universal Peace, a Song Writer/Singer and Ceremonialist. Together they hold a vision of establishing a harmonious and sustainable sea/land community.


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