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We recognize that with indigenous traditions and peoples, it is imperative that we are mentally, spiritually and physically present with each other so the teachings can be truly understood. We offer in-person talks, teachings, ceremonies and activities with Mayan Spiritual Guide OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez, as well as other Indigenous Spiritual Guides and elders to bring us all closer together, and closer to the earth.

To bring forward the essence of the indigenous spirit, we must work through the dilemma of how to impart the sacred wisdom while working with peoples deeply entrenched in a modern world. This is difficult, and we seek to close the gap. One of our goals is to impart the oral tradition of the indigenous peoples into a modern way of understanding, and rekindle the traditional ways to teach. TJU-EPU seeks to build a bridge so that people can better prepare for and understand the depth of exchange happening in person-to-person teachings with indigenous wisdom keepers. And, with discernment, we have chosen to experiment with the use of new technology to assist us in this way.

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