Dawning A New Era

Dawning a New Era: 
Connecting with the Prophecies from the Ancient Mayan Calendar


This Spiritual Program with Mayan Spiritual Leader,  Tata OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez was offered from
April 3, 2011 - February 2012 


5 tele-teachings 

with corresponding ceremonial practices 
that can be done on your own or in a group


ErickSo what's it going to take? What do we have to do?


 "Be responsible. Be a warrior. Be the ones who bring a great shift of the ages to true crystallization. Be the ones who heal. Be the ones who stand there and raise their hands to the sun and give thanks for our lives as we survive the incredible shifts and changes of this Mother Earth." 

- Tata OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez Jan 3rd, 2011 (1 1'q)



The traditional Maya have maintained a sacred relationship with the Mother Earth and an understanding of cosmic time to guide us through the radical changes occurring during this precise time in history. 


OmeAkaEhekatl "Tata" Erick Gonzalez, Mayan Spiritual Leader and founder of Earth Peoples United offered a series of tele-teachings for accessing the depth of wisdom of the Mayan Calendar during the Dawning of the New Era of 2012.  


This spiritual program will also stimulate human evolution by offering ceremonial practices with each teaching to allow people to deepen their connection with the natural world and with each other.      


This is a momentous time in history and you are invited to 

Be A Part of the Story!


Dawning a New Era Teachings & Schedule  


(13 E & New Moon) April 3, 2011 ~ Preparing Ourselves for the New Dawn 

This sacred day completes a very powerful week-long cycle in the Mayan Calendar as well as launches us into the new yearly Solar Cycle.  Tata Erick will share about this year's profound opportunities for evolutionary growth as well as how we can work together, as Earth Peoples, to align ourselves with the natural and cosmic rhythms. In addition, Tata Erick will offer explanation about the New Fire Ceremony for working with the elements for spiritual rebirth.  It is suggested that this ceremonial practice happens after the teaching, and all that is needed is a candle to light.


(1 Noj) July 17, 2011 ~ Becoming a Vessel for the Gift

On this sacred day in the Mayan Calendar we will explore how we can develop our vessels in such a way that our gifts from creator come through and be offered into this world.  Tata Erick will share traditional ways human beings developed self-worth and value through intentional daily actions.  


(13 Ajpu) Oct 28, 2011 ~ Evolutionary Process of the Matrix

This teaching will reveal how to reach the highest potential of the evolutionary story.  What will happen at the end of this evolutionary process?  What will happen to the karma as we transform layer upon layer of illusion and experience the full flowering back into the matrix of life?  


(9 Kiej) January 23, 2012  ~ Embodying Our Visions 

This teaching will delve into the spiritual principals associated with how we create a beautiful future for ourselves and all of our relations.   How do we ensure a complete transformation and empowerment from our initiations so that we can care for and embody our visions? Join us for this live TeleTeaching and participate in the ceremonial practice being offered.


(9 Aj) February 18, 2012 ~ Utilizing Everything For Growth

The final teaching of this year-long spiritual program will demonstrate how we can take every experience of our life, our mistakes and failures, and use them as opportunities for growth from the point of view of of the Mayan Calendrics.   How do we move into a place of non-judgment and work with our spiritual tools (bundles) in the most rightful way.






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