Ancient Celtic Christmas Ceremony


This ceremony will be offered on Thursday, Dec 13 at 5:30 pm pacific.

Join in the invocation of this 17 day ceremony by making a donation of any amount here

Grandfather Whitewolf shares about the ancient Celtic Christmas ceremony which precedes modern Christianity by thousands of years- which Whitewolf has done faithfully, since 1975 and found to be a powerful, yet gentle tool of enlightenment.

The purpose of this ceremony is to align with the cyclical energies of the Sun and the Moons and to gain insights and direction for each person's spiritual and physical path in life.  By tradition this ceremony begins on the New Moon closest the Winter Solstice which this year will be on the December 24.

The ceremony continues for 17 days until the Full Moon in January. The first two days of the ceremony are dedicated to 'clearing one's sacred space' and establishing a mesa or alter for this time. Each of the next 13 days honours one of the 13 births of the Moon in the New Solar Year.  The last two days are completion and celebration.

Grandfather Whitewolf is a traditional singing healer and folk healer in Celtic and Native American traditions.

Whitewolf has had the honor to learn and share with native elders, healers and spiritual teachers of the four directions throughout his life. He is the founder of Natural Pathways International Institute of Healing, Traditional Learning and Complementary Medicine. He practices professionally at Wilbur Hot Springs, a sanctuary and ancient healing site in Northern California.



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