Preparing for Ceremonies

It has been shared with us that the ceremony begins as soon as you make your commitment and begin your preparations. What is your prayer and intention? How do you want to gather your materials? What season is it, and what is already abundant upon the Earth? Do you need help from others? Where are you traveling to, and what are the conditions there? Who will you be receiving guidance and teachings from? How can you contribute to them? Who will you be entering sacred space with and how do you want to make relations? Has anyone made requests that you can help fulfill at the ceremony? How do you want to express yourself through your actions, offerings and way of being at the ceremony? Do you have special needs or considerations that you need to be responsible for or communicate to others? Where are you at in your Moon Cycle and how might that impact your participation? What is special and sacred about where you live, where you come from and the medicine you can easily gather and offer?

When we are conscious and spacious with our preparations there is room for the spirit to come in and guide us, teach us and reveal to us deeper meanings and insights than we may have access to with our unconscious doing. We always encourage ceremonial participants to practice living into the generosity, gentleness and forethought necessary to come together in a sacred way and show up safely, organized and prepared.

What needs to be gathered and prepared prior to each ceremony may differ. We have included information to help educate and guide participants so that they may come to ceremony respecting and honouring the sacred circle, medicine people and each other. In general it is wise to follow these general recommendations:

1. Always come prepared to contribute.
2. about gifting, donations and medicine offerings
3. Check-in with the organizer to see what is needed in advance and make your commitment to attend by the date requested.
4. Dress appropriately. Women need to wear skirts and sometimes may be requested to cover bare shoulders. Especially in ceremonies where we will be near fire, please wear natural fabrics, cotton or hemp, and avoid synthetics or clothing with extra-fabric that may interfere with your safety and overall experience.
5. If possible, choose to purchase organic food donations and ceremonial offerings.
6. Find out in advance if photos are allowed to be taken during the ceremony.

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Fire Ceremony

The Fire Ceremony requires that the community or individual bring the following ceremonial materials:

1. 5 – 13, 13 inch long taper all-natural candles of each color (red, black, white, yellow, green, blue) or 13 small candles
2. 1 bar of chocolate
3. 1 small jar of honey
4. 5 pounds of sugar
5. Dry herbs: sage, cedar, lavender, rosemary, juniper, sweetgrass, flower petals, medicinal roots, any other natural medicines that you personally use. (This is a healing ceremony)
6. Package of tobacco
7. Organic corn meal
8. Cinnamon sticks
9. Handful of bird seed
10. Small bottle of vodka or rum (for the spirits)

** Along with your registration, please ask the ceremonial coordinator or spiritual leader if there is anything else special or in addition to this list for your ceremony.

Basic Mesa Class

The Basic Mesa Class encourages you to bring the following items along with your gift and donation.


  • An Altar Cloth
  • Spring Water
  • Sacred Objects & Medicines
  • Any stones from sacred places you've done ceremony
  • Tobacco & Pipe if you have one
  • Corn Meal
  • Smudge
  • Candle
  • Paper and Pen for note taking


** Along with your registration, please ask the ceremonial coordinator or spiritual leader if there is anything else special or in addition to this list for your class.

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