Important Message for the Winter and the New Year from Earth Peoples United...

Dec 30, 2014 to Mar 21, 2015

We send each of you many blessings as we enter into the wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere, a natural time of going inward, accessing and feeding our dreams and visions. It is also a time of sorting through the harvest and deciding which seeds want to be planted in the spring. 

In alignment with the natural energies, we have decided to take a pause in our usual offerings from Earth Peoples United during this winter season, including pausing our membership and Wisdom Keeper teachings. This pause will also allow time for our Spiritual Leaders, Tat Erick and Nan Heddi to focus their time on their new baby that will be arriving soon, and what is needed to adjust to a new life of being parents of a little one. And we look forward to the possibility of finding new ways to stay engaged with you throughout this time. 

This year has been an interesting one, with a lot of energy turned inward to keep the ceremonial fires going at Deer Mountain and in Guatemala, and receiving guidance from Spirit as we continue to move inside of this New Era. 

The messages continue to come to allow the transformations that are needed to let go of the old forms and patterns that no longer serve and truly step into a new way of being, while being sourced from the ancient wisdom which is ageless. We have been deeply nurturing stronger collaborations with Wisdom Keepers in ceremony and meetings, and gestating new ways that the sacred knowledge can be shared at this time for our future generations with collective clarity and wisdom. We look forward to sharing more about this soon!

We invite you to also use this winter time for reflection and going within. What dreams and visions are coming to you at this time? What seeds would you like to plant in the spring?  In what ways are they connected to Earth Peoples United?  Are you being warmed and fed by the Sacred Fire?  If so, how can you feed it in return? Let's stay close to the fire as we make our way through this winter season. 

Love and blessings from all of us at Earth Peoples United!! We look forward to connecting at the Spring Equinox...

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